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About Me

This is me from the centre outwards: Environmentalist, Geek, Wannabe Environmental Economist.

I’m a girl in her mid-20s trying to make her way through the dizzying world of the environmental sector armed with a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Environmental Technology (Specialising in Economics and Policy).

I am currently employed at an Environmental Economics Consultancy, where I have the title of ‘Research Assistant’.  I enjoy my job, but worry lots and often about my suitability and adequacy.  I want to keep doing what I’m doing and move upwards and outwards, but sometimes question whether I am capable of doing so.

I have major difficulties in the environmental sector because of my undergraduate, despite the fact that within the computer industry my degree makes me instantly employable and in a very big way. I don’t like that it actually puts me at a disadvantage in the environmental sector, but I accept it, and I keep telling myself that I can prove myself despite their biases.

I miss hanging out with computer scientists, but hippies are fun in their own way, despite never getting xkcd references. I still think in If-Else statements, and have even been known to write meeting minutes in them as I can’t be bothered to convert to english whilst taking notes. At the time of writing it has been roughly a year since I last programmed anything big, but I hope to change that soon.

My extra-curricular activites include swing dancing, guitar playing, and martial arts.

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