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December 9, 2011

New Years Resolution list

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I’ve been very conservative with my new years resolution lists in the past.  I always say I will give up smoking and drinking (hint, I have never done either!) and in some years I’ve actually put down a couple of sensible ones like correcting my posture and getting organised.

But this year, maybe because of the long, crawling struggle I’ve had with studying whilst working and losing all free time to do anything else, I was thinking it’d be nice to go a little crazy on the new years resolutions and have maybe less a resolution list and more a wish list. There are a few things I’d like to do that would take up a lot of time, and I recognise that it will take a long time to complete all of these things – probably more than a year. But it’d be cool if it didn’t, and if I did complete everything I want to do by 2013 (but then where would be the fun in that?)

So without further ado, here is my wish list for 2012:

1) Write a novel

2) Complete both computer game ideas I have in my head

3) Learn a new language. Possibly mandarin.

4) Move forward in my work and make significant headway towards my long-term goals (okay this one I absolutely have to do in 2012 – resolution!)

5) Party more! Or at least meet new people or hang out with people I don’t spend much time with, experience new things, be more aware and more exposed to the fun that is waiting for me! (Yes I am having a late 20s crisis – I have just realised I will run out of 20s soon!)

So I’m going to be working on 4 and 5 absolutely, with 1, 2, and 3 as options. I would like to do all 5 at the same time, but something tells me this is probably not possible!

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